2 Powerful Ingredients That Clean Up Your Body From Parasites And Reduces Fat Deposition

One of the most harmful organisms that most often live in the human intestines are parasites. They use the human cells as hosts while they utilize the organism’s nutrients and in that way the hurt the host organism. There a number of different forms and they can thrive throughout the body.

Parasites are also a sign that you have sugar cravings, because they live on sugar and everything that turns into sugar.  When you eat a lot of sugary stuff to stave off that craving, you are creating conditions that accumulate excess mucus in your body, and this excess mucus is a perfect base for fungus and bacteria to reproduce and multiply. In order to starve the parasites, you should try eliminating as much sugar and grains as possible from the diet and also through fasting and cleansing strategies. You will be amazed how much energy you will get as soon as you get rid of the parasites in your body!

So, in this article, we are offering you a recipe that will help you in the process of eliminating the parasites.

It is very simple and all you need are just two ingredients:

100 g linseed

10 g dried cloves


Mix the ingredients and grind them until you get a powder mixture.


Every morning, you should consume two tablespoons of this mixture. Consume it for three days. You can add it to your breakfast, or just simply drink it with warm filtered water. After these three days, you should make a 3-days break and then just start all over again. Do this procedure for approximately a month.

Repeat this cleansing procedure several times a year.

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