How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

Mice, they are sometimes scary and quite irritating as well. It actually very dangerous for your health as you will not be able to manage the hygiene in your house is you have a mice at home.

Mice leaves feces, urine and lice at each place they pass through which can be harmful to your health. It is can be able responsible to spread the diseases and germs in your home. The reproduction process of mice is quite quick. Female mice have 10 litters in a year which give birth to 10 mice per litter.

You have to use a 2-step approach when you start getting rid of mice in your home. Firstly seal all the holes and cracks in your house. This will ensure that mice will not be trapped inside any hole or cracks.

The article further will demonstrate the quick tips to get rid of mice without using poisons or chemicals. As the chemicals can harm you or your children thus it is important to go for a natural way to remove mice from home.

The mice can practically go everywhere in your house and carry dirt all the time. They are an expert in the destruction of household appliances. Mice can also chew and scratch you furniture and eat your food.

There is high risk if a mice is just roaming around in your house. This small creature is very difficult to catch and get rid off. The question is how to get rid of mice naturally. Here are some methods you can use to resolve the issue.

Natural and safe ways to get rid of mice

Traps are regularly utilized for this reason. Not at all like traps, lures require utilizing harms, which is risky to your wellbeing. In any case, individuals have a tendency to maintain a strategic distance from such arrangements, on the grounds that nobody loves dead mice inside their dividers. It is appalling!

All creatures are normal survivors, so you might need to skip out strategy 4. You can discover traps and confines of any size available, however, one thing you should know about. Avoid harmful chemicals and handle things naturally. It is much more secure.

Method 1

This might be a surprising information for you, but it work! It is about soft drinks to get rid of mice. The fact is mice do not burp, thus, soft drinks are considered as handy too to kill the mice


  1. At the night time pour the soft drink in an old container
  2. Now, place it at a spot where you often see the mice roaming around.
  3. You can also leave it near some food stuff so that mice will for sure visit.
  4. Keep it overnight, in the morning you will find the mice the dead.
  5. It is really a gross method but it is very effective to remove mice from your house.

Method 2

This method is just to make a mice fool off and make it confuse between plaster of Paris and flour


  1. Combine 2 tbsp of flour with 1 tbsp of dry plaster of Paris.
  2. Add 1 tbsp of salt to the mixture
  3. Now, place it open and let the mice it.
  4. The mixture will make the mice thirsty and once mice will drink water it stiff the stomach.
  5. This is the quickest way to get rid of mice.

Method 3

This method has a small change in the ingredient as the chocolate powder will replace the salt and flour.


  1. Take 2 tbsp of dry plaster of Paris and add 1 tbsp of chocolate powder to it.
  2. Mix it well and place it in your kitchen, make sure your children will not reach it.
  3. Keep water container nearby the mixture.
  4. Once the mice will eat the mixture it will also drink the water placed nearby.
  5. The water will expand the chocolate mixture in the stomach and you will get rid of a mice.

Method 4

This can be considered as the use of food chain to get rid of mice. You can get a pet like cat or dog to scare off  the mice. Your cat might hunt down the mice and you will be able to say goodbye to the nasty little creature.

So, what you think? Which method are you going to use to resolve the mice issue in your house? Post in the comment box about your experience during getting rid of mice. Share the information with your friends and family and pass on the natural way to get rid of mice.

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