China is well known for the exceptional food which is more and more popular everywhere around the world. But, there were speculations that the quality of Chinese food decreases and that people start avoiding this cuisine with a very good reason.

Negative rumors also ruin the reputation of Chinese websites such as AliExpress, Amazon and so on, which say that they sell cheap and fake products with forbidden substances.

We present you a list of 10 Chinese products that you should rigidly avoid.

  1. Imitation Eggs

There`s been a video posted by some Chinese website which explains how to produce a fake egg and earn $70 a day. In order to make it, you need to use potassium alum, calcium, alginic acid, calcium chloride, gelatin, artificial color and water. The main ingredient for the eggshell is calcium carbonate, which may cause dementia and memory loss.

  1. Baby Formula

In 2004, CBS News reported that 47 people were accused of making fake instant baby formula, which was the reason of death of dozens of children in Fuyang, China. The formula was almost made of chalk, it didn’t contain any healthy ingredient, and fostered development of “big head disease” in children, which means that their head becomes bigger and their body becomes smaller.

  1. Tilapia Fish

The tilapia fish is one of the most toxic and harmful fish that people consume. It is most commonly found in China, farmed in small pools of waste water. The fish eats everything and thus becomes very unhealthy one.

  1. Chinese Apple Juice

Since it is the biggest pesticide producing country in the world, China produces almost 50% of the apple juice in the USA and they hadn’t started to address chemical or pesticide residue on foods. Personally, I would suggest that adults and children should avoid consuming apple juice.

  1. Mod Sold as Black Pepper

In China`s Guangdong Province, there was a market seller who used to put mud in the packages of black pepper and flour in the packages of white pepper and sell them to the customers. As an explanation to what he did, he said that these ingredients will not kill anyone.

  1. Chicken

The sale of Chinese chicken in America was affirmed in 2013 from the US Department of Agriculture. Lots of specialists in that field said that they were worried about the healthiness of the chicken brought from china, since food-borne illnesses and avian influenza are very common in China. Besides, industry and mass production make China a highly polluted country. It is also the producer of the most of the pesticides in the world.

  1. Fake Sweet Potato Noodles

In 2011, people started complaining about the taste of the noodles, saying that they tasted strange, not like a sweet potato. Afterwards, the noodles were analyzed and it turned out that they were based on corn combined with paraffin wax and industrial ink (for the purple color), instead of sweet potato. There were produced 5.5 tons of these fake noodles in China, in the Zhongshan city.

  1. Making Beef Out Of Pork

Some restaurants in China used to sell pork meat instead of beef because pork is far cheaper. Of course, they put some chemistry in order to mask the meat and sold it like that. They used beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” the meat in 90 minutes. Doctors say that people should be aware from these products because they are harmful and can cause deformity, poisoning and even cancer.

  1. Chinese Garlic

Experts also discovered that garlic in China is being sprayed with excessive amount of chemicals, because of which the garlic laves a bad taste in the mouth. China delivers even 31% of the garlic in the USA.

  1. Green Peas

Green peas have been produced in China since 2005. They were made with soy beans, snow peas and green dye and sodium metabisulfite. The dye is prohibited to use because it damages the process of absorption of calcium and may cause cancer, while the sodium metabisulfite is a chemical which serves as a preservative and a bleach. When you cook them, the peas turn the water green and don’t even soften in it. It is highly recommended to avoid them.

Source: www.healthonlinecentral.com – Republished with permission

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